Live Fast / Ride Slow

Moped is a motorcycle international culture, in fact, although the imagination of the average one has in mind the moped mainly for home production, of which many models more or less prevalent filled the streets of our cities.

Moped culture, which, however, concerns not only the means but also those who ride with a proper look (and here imagination has no limits) but he charges quite defined.

Then in the nineties came the most comfortable, high-performance, versatile and rational scooter, and then motorcycles almost gone for a few years being considered to be obsolete.

In recent years, there is instead a rediscovery of those mopeds, popular primarily because considered synonymous with style of those years, however, more lively, sincere and Spartans of the scooter. In a word, to put it to us, the moped shall Born.

The video accompanying this article applies Moped culture, where, in some cases exaggerated like this, Moped becomes a real lifestyle and are taken from the site Nicolas Davenel able to express as they could the spirit of these groups without age.