How I order a BORN?

The process to order a BORN is simple, you just have to choose what bike you're interested for and tell us where you from, our stuff will follow the process of the build, and set up the best way to send it to you.

Do I have to bring the bike or you do so?

Both options can be done, you can bring your bike in order to us make you a BORN, or can get a BORN already done and new, those are two different concepts.

Do you have stock?

No, as long as the costumer can choose colors and details from the bikes we just produce them upon request.

How much does it cost a BORN?

Depends on what model you are interested the prices should vary also from the level of details you'd like to change on the bike.

Does the BORN motorcycles have warranty?

For the models build using brand new motorcycles we have reached a important agreement with the fabricator in order to keep you the 2 year warranty, for the custom bikes made from a used donor we do not offer warranty.

Where can I see a BORN in my city?

If you'd like to see and test a motorcycle, you must come to our shop, we do not have stock into stores around.

What color do you have available?

We can produce any color you ask as long as it is from the RAL chart of colours.