Born X Leonart Heritage Z2 _

Back to the essence, stripping away but its legendary design lines. There's nothing over imposted in the new Born X Leonart Heritage Z2. With a closer look, just subtle changes that incorporates the unique industrial aesthetics of BORN designs and upgrades inside and out. Stripped away and built with a premium touch, it delivers a clean and durable utility to keep you pushing all day.


  • New aluminium handlebar
  • New CNC bar risers
  • New sport grips
  • Speedometer reposition
  • Minimal headlight with aluminium housing
  • New turning lights
  • New adjustable rear GAS shocks in black and aluminium combination
  • New state of the art fogged lens LED tail light with aluminium housing
  • Fully integrated hand-made seat with silver stitching

Orders available

Due to limited production units of the bike, we will open a reservation list for costumers interested into purchase the Heritage Z2 125, we will collect 300 euro in advance to make the reservation this amount its part of the total payment and will be reduced of the final price of the bike.