Now is time for something NEW!

LEONART PILDER is more than an evolution, it is a completely new understand the concept of custom motorcycles. Build from the ground up with the knowledge gained in seven years of experience.

the PILDER is the result of more than a year an a half of incredible work of out team.


The most Powerful Engine 125cc

Made in Italy by Piaggio considered for the experts in the industry like "the best engine" in it's categorie.  One cilinder double tree, 4 strokes and 4 valves, water cooling and gives you 15 CV of horse power.

Carburetor Mikuni,

the best Japanese technology to fit the beast!.

The Exhaust System

Deliver loud but not annoying clear sound with notable bass resonance. The silencer guards feature a longer shape and provide improved heat protection.

125 engine that don’t push like a 125...!


Tires & Rims

Metzeller ME 880. We choose Metzeller not just because it's performance also because their shape is the most looking great.

The wheel size configuration we choose for this bike has never seen on a mass production bike, we're talking about a 210 tire with 17 inch Rim for the rear set up!, we believe it's the perfect fit for what you're looking for, of course we took the best match companion for the front train, a 120 with 18 inch rim.

Build in alluminum die casting, the rims are a original design of Leonart Motors

3.5 x 18 inch front and 6 x 17 inch rear.

Amazing 210; ride stunning 210 rear tire in your everyday!.

Frame & Swing Arm

Engineering Hi-Q Weldings, materials and Tubes. We use 3mm and 2mm tube thickness, not less in any part of the frame.

The custom Swing arm uses five precition aluminum elements to shape all the package. Single swing arm of double tube of 50mm diameter, finished with well coat painting, it fits the crown and all rear break set inside the rim putting all the weight just in the perpendicular center of the wheel making the whole balace at 50/50.

Only applying the most advanced techniques, we can guarantee top quality finishes


tank & fenders

It's a strategically shattered Motorcycle that can stand up to any style you throw at it.
Stunning from every angle, the guys from Nacar made an amazing job of weights, brightness and solids, all shapes flows continuously wichever is your point of view. 

The attractive look, the range of chromatic variations in the graphics, and the unmistakable curve at the sides develop the aeronautic design that inspires the the new PILDER motorcycle even further.

Another victory over clutter, the fender holder or sables practically disappears integrated on the rear fender.

Carbon Fiber, light and resistent


Colour and Finishing

BLACK this black out is the highlight of your look. 



The PILDER is designed to have less impact on the environment than most other motorcycles. It’s what it's called, energy efficient.