The Rough Trakker It features a custom made funky seat made of bended steel looking to get the typical yet popular shape of the classic bikes but with a completely new format, it really makes the accent in the bike, this bike is made just for fun and experiment with different ideas using recycled parts or reshaping the original ones, like the pipe that has been cutting all apart and re-located making some vintage scrambler style.

A true scrambler made for fun and a remake of the rough Tracker, The TR2 is a experimental bike, we use it to test and put through new ideas and concepts in mind. Unlike what you might think the RT2 steel seat is comfortable enough for ride, even though its optional, we can change it for a standard seat. 


  • Electric starter
  • Hand made steel seat (optional)
  • Aluminum swing arm
  • Up side down front fork
  • Rear petal disk brake
  • Front petal disk brake
  • Metal brake fluid hose
  • Vintage scrambler style handle bar
  • Black coated M section aluminum rims
  • Carbon fiber front fender
  • Aluminum engine protector
  • Engine / 125cc, Air Cooling, Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke
  • Brakes / Front Petal Disk ø240mm, Rear Petal Disk ø220mm
  • Wheels / Front 4.10-18, Rear 4.60-17