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Surf Trip: Chile to Cali in 125cc Motorcycles

Tom Bing and Sally McGee's are traveling from Santiago (Chile) to California (USA), only with motorcycles of 125cc displacements, surfboards and their own company. In this passionate journey, the couple will lead twelve countries and more than 24.000 kilometers along the coast whenever possible.

The couple began this surftrip in October 2015, motivated by "the spirit of adventure, the sense of liberation to be away from everything and love for nature and the sea." They dissatisfied with the daily routine, sold all their belongings, rented their small apartment in Tynemouth (England) and flew to Santiago.

Inspired by a six-week trip to Indonesia with 90cc moped, they decided to sail along the coasts and roads located between Santiago and San Francisco and planned to reach its final destination in one year.

If you want to monitor the progress of these young people and learn more about your trip, visit his blog The West Road.

In addition, Northcore is following this trip as small videos. If you want to enjoy the rest of the stops, you can do it on vimeo.