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BORN Karion 125

We got a message asking to make something similar of the Tracker and mixed with some bits of la beach, taking as donor the Hyosung Karion 125. After receive the motorcycle it started the job, we have never seen or put own hands into a Karion and some issues start to appear after take off all the plastic covers, for example, the weird frame forms that we had to re-build in order to get the correct balance we'd like to reach, we tried to get a rough, strong and square look in the whole bike, sharp and aggressive. 

Below those words you can see some of the transformation process.

Commissioned Karion

We are doing a commissioned work and we are enjoying as never before doing it, we can't wait for final result more than its owner, the feeling that we have at this point is sick, the donor bike is a hurly burly wheel Hyosung Karion 125. The costumer send it from Italy and ask us to build some tracker style with it.

Enjoy the process, more pictures will be post here soon.