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Rusty SR 250

Probably one of the most challenging proposals that came to our hands, and for sure the worst looking "before". Will be hard to recover that little SR 250 but we trust inside this large amount of crap there is something that should bright, somehow, it will be hard but we're gonna find out.

Cappra Dirt Track ep. 1

We've got hooked to make left turns into an oval circuit and we got into our hands a 78 "barely complete" Montesa Cappra 360, the result is a new project that just started today, we want to turn that classic MX bike into a sleek and lean dirt track machine.

Enjoy this donor status pictures and stick around to check out its process.

Rookies Day

The day has finally come and we had lots of good times, meet old and new friends and of course joined the races in the Canudas Ranch in Casserres, Catalonia. Follow up Dirt Track Rookies for upcoming events.

Throttle Twist

Every day more and more engineered parts are being produced under the new forms of industrialization, this time we designed a throttle twist to be 3D printed with co-poliester material and custom made for our Dirt Track machine, it will be a great success if it pass the track test with no issues, from now the sensation is very good it fits perfect to the bar its tight and with a very good feeling of strength.

IMG_4095 (1).JPG
Dash Print

Printed with one of the hardest material on the market, this indicator dash fits perfectly with the standard triple clam of the Yamaha TW 125 we're working on, the design will also leave some room for the original switch key and a custom universal speedo that will replace the original one.

If you need this for your project or something similar send us a message and we'll se what we can do. 

Tracker euro IV

be ready...

Dear Friends,

Since you show lots of interest into purchase any of the "all sold out" Tracker model we made, we have an important announcement to make, we are preparing one new version that will meet all the requirements for Euro IV homologations, and that soon we'll bring into production.

We are working in cooperation with Leonart Motors, who will be responsible for bringing this project into production and distribution early this summer.

Due to limited production units of the bike, we will open a reservation list for people interested into purchase the Tracker 125, we will collect 300 euro in advance to make the reservation, this amount its part of the total payment and will be reduced of the final price of the bike.

For those who will join this initiative will receive an extra muffler with disc system silencer for free!.

The bike will follow the main lines and basics of their predecessors. 

Working on Kits

We are working on a New Kit for Suzuki Vanvan, this time more simple and affordable that will keep the original tank on the mod so you'll save lots of time installing and less pain moving the injection unit, the Kit will come with reposition brackets for the original tank to make the bike look more straight instead of the original falling down tank, a thinner seat and rear fender, check out the teaser pics.

More info about this new kit soon!.

The Last New Tracker

The bike we present here is already in the paint shop and in a few days we'll deliver to its owner.

What is special to this bike its that is the very last New Tracker we built, we have to think forward and don't fall to the mistake of handle to the past, it has been fun and we learned a lot but the way to move forward its closing stages and create new goals.

Before RV 125

Sometimes the donor look like we can't do anything else for it, but we believe we're gonna make this Suzuki VanVan almost unrecognizable, We're gonna install a beach kit plus some other optional parts as details. stay tuned because we're almost there, the wait won't be long.

Every machine deserves a second chance.

Parking 64

One of the coolest events for all two wheels lovers, the 2nd edition of Parking 64 its next weekend, (October 22 and 23) we'll be exposing our latest build the XS400 at the top the Arena's (Barcelona). An event will be loaded with exclusive creations and suitable only for discerning tastes.

XS400 Progress Announcement

We've been working time to time in this personal project, now that we have everything pretty much shaped we'd like to share again with you some photos of what's been going on.

Subframe hoop has been welded, cutom made metal seat pan has been shaped to fit all the electronics and the tail light, also a couple of side covers has been made plus some other parts you can see in the following pictures.

Stay tuned to see the final result, won't be so long!.

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N Tracker

New bike is on the hip and its a scrambler, actually a newer version of the Tracker model this time with more aggressive look and refreshed design with better ergonomics, clean and rider-focused character, it features a Supertrapp exhaust as usual in our multi-terrain commuter machines and better stance in general.

Work Glimpse

This one its being the Tracker season. Take a glimpse look at the work its going in the workshop

Urban Rally

Here is a teaser before we set the photo shooting for this latest build, the Urban Rally.

Rebel Rebel Photo Shoot

Its 1st day of spring and the best plan was to go visit our friends of the sailing club in the Marina Bay in Barcelona and make some photos with the Rebel 250 before we say goodby and send it to its costumer in Madrid.