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The Last New Tracker

The bike we present here is already in the paint shop and in a few days we'll deliver to its owner.

What is special to this bike its that is the very last New Tracker we built, we have to think forward and don't fall to the mistake of handle to the past, it has been fun and we learned a lot but the way to move forward its closing stages and create new goals.

Metal Tracker

We're happy to present you our latest bike we did, this time we where ask as request if possible to make as much parts in metal that usual without get apart from the powerful look of the Tracker, so here's the result, hope you like it!.

Work Glimpse

This one its being the Tracker season. Take a glimpse look at the work its going in the workshop

Z2 Build

Now that we started a new Z2 its time to get a sneak pick of how it was the build of the very first one.