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Heritage Z2

We're glad to announce the new Born X Leonart series, a way back to the essence of what the Z2 is. A street custom bike brought to legal street use. Stripping away but its legendary design lines. There's nothing over imposted in the new Born X Leonart Heritage Z2, with a closer look just subtle changes and big upgrades inside and out.

Z2-X2 Version

Z2 for two, that's what the costumer wanted, he ask for a seat like the original Zipper and with a optional passenger seat, the rest is pretty much as the original Z2 but with trimmed handle risers to give a compact sense in the front and a reinforced rear frame to support the weight of a extra human being.

Z2 Build

Now that we started a new Z2 its time to get a sneak pick of how it was the build of the very first one.