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Rusty SR 250

Probably one of the most challenging proposals that came to our hands, and for sure the worst looking "before". Will be hard to recover that little SR 250 but we trust inside this large amount of crap there is something that should bright, somehow, it will be hard but we're gonna find out.

Dash Print

Printed with one of the hardest material on the market, this indicator dash fits perfectly with the standard triple clam of the Yamaha TW 125 we're working on, the design will also leave some room for the original switch key and a custom universal speedo that will replace the original one.

If you need this for your project or something similar send us a message and we'll se what we can do. 

Day Out

Nice weather is showing up, so perfect time for a fun ride with the just finished Yamaha SR 250 "miss co", definitely those tires holds whatever you throw on them. Constance did the style while Manel did the wild!.

XS400 Progress Announcement

We've been working time to time in this personal project, now that we have everything pretty much shaped we'd like to share again with you some photos of what's been going on.

Subframe hoop has been welded, cutom made metal seat pan has been shaped to fit all the electronics and the tail light, also a couple of side covers has been made plus some other parts you can see in the following pictures.

Stay tuned to see the final result, won't be so long!.

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