The Zipper

The Zipper is a never ending project, one of those we resurrect once a while, we like to change it's style and experiment with new shapes, parts and colors, its our first mod too so we are attached to it in a some special way.

Rusty SR 250

Probably one of the most challenging proposals that came to our hands, and for sure the worst looking "before". Will be hard to recover that little SR 250 but we trust inside this large amount of crap there is something that should bright, somehow, it will be hard but we're gonna find out.

Essence 200




More kits are being installed, this time into a brand new Van Van 200, we've been requested to add some special features like the RAW tank finish and the fork protectors. 

The Essence Kit is composed of a bunch of super-easy install and affordable parts, its a perfect entry level into motorcycle custom.


We had an incredible weekend in this meaningful exhibit, surrounded by good bikes and friends we had and those who's had become, enjoy some pictures of this event that took part on the "Nau Bostik" in Barcelona.

La Beach

One of the latest "la beach" its set with white satin finish tank, and brown seat as well as the coke shaped grips on the bar, in addition the costumer ask us to keep the original rear-rack. We hope you'll like this set-up as much as we enjoyed doing it! 

Why I Ride - Francie

After Passion at Work, comes the second episode of Why I Ride, this time featured by Leslie and her bike, Francie.

Growing up in a family of riders, it was natural that Leslie would have a "desire to get on the road." As a designer living in New York, Leslie is always in search of a chance to get on the road.

Despite the fact that riding's often seen as a "masculine thing," Leslie's love of bikes and the freedom of the road have remained since childhood. "I just want to do things because they are worth doing," she explains. Riding is her way to connect with herself, let go of insecurities, and rediscover what's important in life.

There's something really, really romantic about the connection with your motorcycle …" Leslie's Harley, Francie (named after her grandma) is the bike that changed her perspective on riding. Francie helps Leslie escape the pressures and responsibilities of the city and find "a place of happiness.

I’m the one making the road, drawing the map. See where the road takes.
— Leslie (and her Harley®, Francie)

scene, Aftershock is a private event held in Sydney by the Sydney Cafe Racers. It is all about the laughter, cracked ribs, mate-ship, stupidity and friendly racing. A weekend of Mud, Bikes, Bands, Beers, Tents and Shenanigans.

Event by: Sydney Cafe Racers. Photos by: Pete Cagnacci. Music by: Sigur Rós.

I Love Dust x Boneshaker Choppers
Screenshot 2014-02-06 10.24.01.png

Over the past year ILOVEDUST have been steadily working with the guys over at Boneshaker Choppers to create their very own Cafe Racer which celebrates 10 years of ILOVEDUST. All over hand painted illustrations and typography combined with the incredible craftsmanship that's gone into the fuel tank, tail piece and custom exhaust is what makes this one black behemoth of an iron head.

KTM Project Process

We would like to share some pictures of the KTM motorcycle modification, the bike isn't finish yet but it starts look quite like the original sketch we had in mind a couple of month ago.

Dakar 2014: Coma Title

Red Bull KTM factory rider Marc Coma coasted into Valparaiso, Chile, on Saturday afternoon to pick up his fourth individual Dakar title and to secure KTM’s thirteenth title in this most toughest of rallies. 

Coma described his Dakar experience as “an extreme and grueling Dakar” and dedicated the win to “my friend Kurt Caselli”. Caselli, part of the Red Bull KTM Factory team was killed in a race accident in November.

“Without the right people behind me it would have been impossible to win,” Coma said. “We have worked very well throughout the race and also before. Last year I went through a very difficult situation not being able to compete because of injury and I came back to win the race. I think this says a lot about the people I have around me. I am very proud of this victory. What was key to winning the Dakar was not to make any mistakes.”

The Motomethod Story

Motomethod Community Motorcycle Repair Shop in Vancouver, BC is a full repair shop, for nearly all makes and models of motorcycles, old or new. Motomethod is the first in the industry to allow the rider to come in and ‘rent a bay’ and repair their own bike, or learn how. Visit

KTM_250_EXC_Racing_2003 2.jpg

Well it's time to talk about what will be our next, one of a kind bike project, the donor a old Ktm EXC 2003, with 350cc cylinder and piston kit. This bike was forgotten in a garage for many years so we though its a good time to bring her to live again, check out this preliminar sketch of the look we'd like to reach.

We'll keep posting about the construction process here and if you like to see some picture of the actual bike, can find it into our facebook.

Hope you like it!.

On Any Sunday

This documentary follows the lives of motorcycle racers and racing enthusiasts. Brown tried to show the unique talents needed for the different forms of racing. For instance, the motocross riders were typically free-spirited types, while desert racers were often loners. In Grand National racing, Brown showed the differing personalities, such as the business-like approach to racing displayed by Mert Lawwill versus the carefree approach that wild young rookie David Aldana became known for.

Steve McQueen is featured in the film, along with Mert LawwillMalcolm Smith and many other motorcycle racers from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Why I Ride - Passion at Work

Why I Ride is a new series that’ll be released in relatively short 4 – 5 minute episodes online, this is the first episode in the series, it’s called “Passion at Work” and it’s set in San Francisco. It features Matthew Work who’s the founder of Piston & Chain Motorcycle Club.

The first time I felt that tire hook up on asphalt ... whoa.
— Matthew Work
Dechaves Garage DCH Project

Dechaves Garage DCH Project is a naked electric motorcycle by Pablo de Chaves that started as a hobby and as a excuse to learn. Based in the sunny Canary Islands Pablo started all this project from scratch and did all the job after step by step, if you want to see how just jump into his blog 

BMW Concept Ninety: The Story

finished in daytona orange paintwork similar to the original R 90 S, brushed areas from the custom aluminum craftsmanship can be seen in the tinted areas of the front fairing and tank. contemporary LED elements light up the face of the bike honoring its ancestor with a round headlamp design. additional key highlights include the front cover of the engine the valve covers and exhaust system designed by sands, which are painstakingly milled using a contrast cut process; striking an alluring contrast to the black mechanical components. this technology was also applied to the rims, whose classic design recalls the racing triumphs.

'everything just fits together perfectly,' says edgar heinrich, head of BMW motorrad design. the BMW concept ninety is sheer enjoyment in every respect – from the development of the idea to the sketching stage to the construction process. but above all when you’re riding it. it’s an absolute riding machine – just like the R 90 S was in its time.'