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Essence 200




More kits are being installed, this time into a brand new Van Van 200, we've been requested to add some special features like the RAW tank finish and the fork protectors. 

The Essence Kit is composed of a bunch of super-easy install and affordable parts, its a perfect entry level into motorcycle custom.

Green Beach

Another Vanvan with The Beach Kit, this time Olive Green version looking pretty cool in combination of the Wengue saddle. 

Working on Kits

We are working on a New Kit for Suzuki Vanvan, this time more simple and affordable that will keep the original tank on the mod so you'll save lots of time installing and less pain moving the injection unit, the Kit will come with reposition brackets for the original tank to make the bike look more straight instead of the original falling down tank, a thinner seat and rear fender, check out the teaser pics.

More info about this new kit soon!.

DIY Beach Kit

The BORN BEACH is available as complete kit for those who want their own VanVan turned into a Beach style ride. 

We have now, for sale, the DIY complete kit Beach Bike, if you got a Suzuki Vanvan 125 or 250, you can get a new bike with just very few.

It contains fenders and side covers made of steel and painted in matte black as standard feature and you can choose any color for the tank paint, we'll set it up!., plus chrome fuel cap, LED rear brake light etc...

The BEACH KIT contains the following parts:

  • steel front and rear fender
  • turning lights
  • brake light
  • steel side covers
  • handle bar
  • fuel tank
  • seat

The Kit also includes all the parts needed to mount on the bike such as bolds nuts and brackets, fuel tap, etc...

Soon will be available to purchase online but meanwhile you can send a message and we'll set it up for you!.

More info here!.